Scenes from Native Noise III


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Summer festival season is winding down across the northeast, but not before good times were had by revelers from all walks of life.

Echo Lake in Afton, NY – once a major tour stop for country musicians – continues its renaissance as a home of electronic music festivals ranging in size from a few hundred to a few thousand people.

On Friday, August 17 – Sunday, August 19 Echo Lake hosted production outfit Spirit Tribe’s third annual Native Noise psytrance festival.

After successful festivals in 2016 and 2017, Spirit Tribe brought Native Noise back this year with a headliner sure to draw a bigger crowd: Captain Hook. The psytrance-oriented festival also will feature a second stage this year with drum and bass and dub step acts offering a diversity of EDM genres.

Spirit Tribe is headed by veteran producer Eric Allen and his significant other Mickayla Miner, who describes Native Noise as, “The perfect place for anyone to truly be themselves. If you like dressing up and getting into character you are our best friend. No Joke. Do you love dancing in the front row like your life depends on it? Yep, you’re our best friend…Be prepared to just be you in a non-judgemental paradise in the middle of the woods in upstate NY surrounded by a beautiful lake, wilderness, and beautiful people.”

The 2018 rendition of Native Noise figured to be bigger and better than 2017, as momentum has built each year. About 700 people gathered at the festival this year compared to 400 last year. The party was helped by the cancellation of a competing event in upstate New York.

The festival lineup included: CAPTAIN HOOK (Live Set) (Iboga Records/Israel); MUBALI (Live Set) (Parvati Records/USA); CORAL (Live Set)(Reversible Records/USA); PROGRESS (Live Set) (AntiShanti Records/USA); PSYPIEN (Live Set) (Psyde Effect Records/Visionary Shamanics Rec/Austria); RADIOACTIVE SANDWICH (Live Set) (USA); SPUNDOSE (Live Set) (Street Ritual/USA); MADHATTER (Woo Dog Recordings/Israel); IZZY (Sangoma Records/USA); KARMAKANIK (Substratum/USA); GREEN TUNES (Dynamic Psytrance Productions/Israel); PSYBRACADBRA (Dynamic Psytrance Productions/Israel); RADMOURA (Paradigm Shift/Alchemy Records/Brazil/Portugal);  V-CEK (Spirit Tribe/USA) and over a dozen others.

Attached is a picture gallery taken by photographers Megan Connor and Michael Mandelman of Mike Evan Photography.

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