Ombudsman Alert Extra: Carlucci & Vanderhoef squabble over TZ toll quote



Incumbent State Senator David Carlucci (D) says opponent C. Scott Vanderhoef (R) will double TZ toll; Vanderhoef disputes statement.

Said Senator Carlucci, “On Thursday’s (Sept.27) debate in Congers, it was shocking to hear Scott Vanderhoef support raising the cost of the toll over the Tappan Ze to $10. This is another one of his bad ideas that will hurt Rockland’s economy and Hudson Valley drivers where it counts, in their wallets. We need to fight toll hikes, which is why I am rallying for a resident discount for Rockland and Westchester drivers. If my opponent has his way, he’ll make sure no one can afford to cross our new bridge.”

Vanderhoef responded, “I didn’t say that. They asked what might be the tolls. I think they shouldn’t go up but should be supported by the entire Thruway, The Tappan Zee Bridge not Cuomo Bridge that Carlucci voted for shouldn’t go up. The whole financial stuff on the bridge is not transparent. They asked for a guess. Not what we wanted….Also can you imagine any politician suggesting a higher toll! We pay enough as Rockland residents.”

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