Preparing to apply for parole involves a lot of paperwork. Anyone who has a family member or friend who is or will be eligible for parole in New York State is invited to learn what to expect when preparing the application, what written advocacy materials can be submitted to the Board of Parole, and how the applicant should prepare for the interview with Parole Board Commissioners. Meet experts who help people with this preparation on Sunday October 28, from 5 – 8 pm, at the Martin Luther King Center, 110 Bethune Blvd, Spring Valley. A sandwich dinner will be served. If you plan to attend or if you have questions, RSVP Jennifer, [email protected].

The training is sponsored by the Rockland Prison Justice Project, the Parole Preparation Project, Release Aging People in Prison: RAPP, and the Rockland Coalition to End the New Jim Crow.

The Rockland Prison Justice Project is a group of local citizens who work to raise awareness of efforts to improve the conditions inside prisons and to make it more likely that people who are released from prison or jail are able to stay out. RPJP works with other organizations and coalitions whose efforts are consonant with its goals. For information about the Rockland Prison Justice Project, go to

The Parole Preparation Project has trained more than 400 people who were eligible for parole to apply for it. Over 60 percent of these have been granted release. When people are not trained, only 40 percent who apply are granted parole.

The Release Aging People in Prison Campaign works to end mass incarceration and promote racial justice through the release of older and aging people in prison.

The Rockland Coalition to End the New Jim Crow comprises organizations committed to ending racial disparity throughout the criminal justice system.

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