Chris Day Unveils Adopt a Spot

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By Joe Kuhn

Last Monday marked the official grand re-opening of the newly revamped Braunsdorf Park, the first in a series of Orangetown locations to be renovated and improved thanks to Town Supervisor Chris Day’s new “Adopt a Spot” program. Supervisor Day and Joseph Holland, the owner of Majestic Lawn Care & Landscape and sponsor of the project, proudly announced the improvements to the spot and cut a ceremonial ribbon to commemorate their achievement.

Day thanked the landscape company for their partnership in this project as well as their hard work and generosity. Thanks to Holland and his team Braunsdorf park now boasts “new bushes, new pavers, and a fixed irrigation system”; the team also replaced the lights around the park, cleaned up the memorial plaques and “basically re-did the entire park.” Volunteers also repainted the Pearl River train station.

“We started the Adopt a Spot Program to get key locations in town looking better” said Day. “This (braunsdor park) is probably the most prominent location in town, the first thing thousands of commuters see when they enter the town. Now instead of a decrepit park there going to see nice plantings, green grass, and light poles that actually have lights.”

The Supervisor plans to organize improvements other locations around Orangetown, including the area behind the solar panels recently installed in Pearl River. The Adopt a Spot Program will help “renovate and improve Orangetown” and “get a little positive attention” for those business that donate their time and effort to help beautify the town.

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