Stony Point Budget comes in under tax cap; Nuisance Party Law passed by board


Stony Point’s Town Board has been working diligently to achieve a budget under the two percent tax cap imposed by New York State.

A public hearing on same was continued last Tuesday night, and despite cuts the board had made earlier, they were stuck on a 2.7 percent increase, which also meant they would have to pass a tax cap override.

Councilman Jim White noted, “We have no new rateables, and I don’t foresee anything happening by the end of the year. If we exceed the tax cap but keep it under three percent, it will not affect homeowners who get a yearly rebate check from NYS.”

The board dug in their heels and took $75,000 from the proposed state increase for the PBA and $51,500 for solid waste removal, bringing the budget down to 1.98 percent for fiscal 2019. “If absolutely necessary,” said Supervisor Jim Monaghan, “we can take the funds from our capital reserve, which is in good shape, but I think the state overestimated the PBA’s proposed contract.” The Board then voted unanimously to approve the 2019 budget of $18.5 million.

The Board also passed a Nuisance Party law, which came about after “gangsta rap” party held on Dickens Drive during the summer that brought busloads of people who paid admission to see rappers perform, as well as purchase alcoholic beverages. The party spilled onto the street, forcing many in the neighborhood to stay inside as the music and rowdy crowd got louder and rowdier.

Monaghan reassured residents the Nuisance Party Law is not intended to stop homeowners from hosting family gatherings or graduation parties but to stop the “profit parties that illegally sell booze and drugs and disrupt an entire neighborhood.”

Incidentally, the party house on Dickens Drive where the last “pay to party” event was held, is now on the market, according to a Zillow listing.

The board also passed the Senior/Disabled property tax exemption, which applies to those 55 and over with an income level below $37,000 a year.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13, at 7:00p.m. at the RHO Building.

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