Nyack College heads to NYC

By Joe Kuhn

The town and village leadership of Orangetown and Nyack were blindsided Wednesday when Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary announced that it has applied to the State of New York to operate solely from its campus in Lower Manhattan. Starting in the fall of 2019, all Rockland County campus academic programs of the College and Seminary will be repositioned to the Manhattan campus at 2 Washington Street.

“We were informed when the public release was made today,” Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day said. “As a result, I met today with Mayors Hammond and Christian and we are beginning a major all hands on deck focus to help ensure that the sale of this campus becomes a positive for all of us”.

The decision is certainly a positive for Nyack College, according to Nyack ATS President Mike Scales.

“Nyack College is undergoing one of the most exciting changes in all of its history, we have applied to the State of New York to offer all programs—academic, co-curricular, athletic—as well as operations—on our Manhattan campus. Repositioning campuses to be based in one major, urban area will reposition Nyack as a truly unique Christian college. This move will minimize rising costs and maintain high academic standards for our students.”

Administrators are optimistic that the move will provide Nyack students with new opportunities. Relocating to the city will allow the students to network more easily, help the school to build relationships with other colleges, and expose students to a wealth of new cultural experiences. Nyack College will be one of the very few Christian colleges to operate in a major U.S. city, encouraging students and faculty to embrace globalization and urbanization, the administration believes moving to New York will also help the school provide more affordable options for education

Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary are committed to empowering graduates with an education that launches them into ministry, education, healing, and community- building professions around the world. A return “home” to New York City best positions the institution for its future.

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