OMBUDSMAN ALERT: Town leaders asked for their opinion on TOR bus service in Rockland



It has been the contention of this column that the Town of Ramapo receives a disproportionate share of TOR bus service compared with other areas of Rockland County. The Ombudsman Alert asked leaders of the other towns in Rockland County for their opinion on the issue. Here is what they said:

Town of Haverstraw Supervisor Howard Phillips:

“The Town of Haverstraw is always interested in expanding the county bus transportation for our residents.  Haverstraw’s population is made up of a tremendous amount of new immigrants to our country who find public transportation much more affordable than taxis or private cars.  Many of our residents need to be transported to Rockland Community College, Palisades mall, and the Shops at Nanuet, as well as other major locations.  Expansion of services would greatly help reduce the traffic that exists on Route 9W and 202, which are the major arteries in and out of North Rockland.  It would also be helpful to explore bus transportation to the Trans Hudson Ferry, located in the Village of Haverstraw on the Hudson River. 

“Additional bus service to our local train stations in Nanuet and Suffern would be beneficial to all of our commuters.”

Town of Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann:

“Providing safe, reliable transportation for Rockland residents is critical. That’s why all municipalities and the County of Rockland should work together to find a way to secure funding for a comprehensive study that examines the current needs of the community, takes into account demographic trends and helps us all arrive at a plan that serves the entire community.”

Town of Stony Point Supervisor Jim Monaghan:

“The residents of the Town of Stony Point pay their fair share of Taxes and should be entitled to the same and equal bus services as any other town in Rockland County.”

Amanda Hyland, assistant to Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day:

“Supervisor Day has discussed this issue with the other town supervisors and they are in the process of looking at the quality, quantity, and equity of Rockland Coach services in each town.”

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