Westham Prospects in Current Season

This summer, Westham was very active in the transfer market, having made a number of successful transfers. However, while the Hammer things goes not the best way, although their game is progressing. In the second half of the season, the team is expected to improve its results, as well as to rise in the standings.

At first the club had not the best times. At the start of the season, the team suffered 4 consecutive losses, even the coach of the club Manuel Pellegrini confirmed that his players preparation is just disgusting. With such a lineup, Westham  should fight for a place in the European Cup, however, as a result, they had a disastrous start.

However, then the situation began to gradually change for the better. Many leaders get in shape, first of all we are talking about Felipe Anderson (who was acquired for a record sum for the club), Andriy Yarmolenko, Marco Arnautovic. As a result, West Ham United managed to reach the middle of the standings, which is much more suitable for the ambitions of the club.

Later,the news that Andrey Yarmolenko was seriously injured was a disappointment and a blow for the fans. The Ukrainian was unable to play for a few months, and will be able to help his team only at the end of the season.

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Team’s Progress Factors

As it has already been noted, after a bad start, the team’s results gradually began to improve. And the current place in the middle of the standings is not the limit of what Wes ham fans can dream of. Among the factors of the possible progress of the team are the following:

  1. Good selection of players in each of the lines. Thanks to this, Manuel Pellegrini can safely made rotations, which in fact will not affect the results of the team.
  2. Individual skills of players. With such professionals as Felipe Anderson (who has already been nominated for the prize of the best player of the month in the Premier League), Chicharito, Arnautovich, you can always count on the fact that the fate of the match will develop in favor of your team.
  3. The weakness of the competitors. Now Westham looks much more convincing in comparison to those teams, which is located next to them in the standings. This is another evidence that the Hammers deserve much more.

The position in the European Cup area, most likely, will be forgotten, but it is quite possible to rise to the first 10, especially considering  Pellegrini has repeatedly proved that he is able to achieve results even in not the most favorable conditions.


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