Lynch’s to Host Stony Point Seals Get-Together Saturday night as Stony Point Readies for Annual Pole “R” Plunge

From Stony Point Seals website

By Kathy Kahn

Stony Point may be barred from using the word “polar” for its fundraising plunge into the icy water of the Hudson, but it hasn’t chilled the spirit of the community.

After the Special Olympics barred Stony Point (and many other non-profits) from using the name “Polar Plunge”—the Seals’ founders got creative by changing the name but not what it stands for—helping children in the community facing sky-high medical bills due to illness. For what will be its 20th year, Pole “R” Plungers will take to the waters off the Seawall around noon on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3.

This year, the two children who will benefit from the Stony Point plunge will be nine-year-old Kiera Cunningham, who suffered a brain hemorrhage (AVM) and nine-year-old Kyle Payne, who suffers from sickle cell anemia. The Stony Point seals have been plunging into the frigid waters off its coastline since 2000 and looking forward to having a blowout year for its 20th anniversary.

This Saturday evening, January 12, Lynch’s will be holding a get-together beginning at 7 p.m. Come and learn about the great work the Stony Point Seals, a 5o2 (c) (3) organization, has been doing for the children in their town since 1999. The actual event will begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday, February 3, with food, music, crafts for children and a 50-50 raffle, all to help children in the community.

Super Bowl fans will be able to take a dip for a charitable cause and get home in time to warm up for the kick-off!

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