While County Legislature elections are coming this November 2019 and hanging in the balance is County Executive Ed Day’s ability to steer the agenda of county government without hindrance of a hostile majority party.

At his annual marathon fundraiser at Nyack Seaport last week, Day told the crowd he is committed to stay in his own position as executive “until the job is done.”

“We want Rockland to go from being the most fiscally stressed county in the state [in 2013] to the greatest county in the state,” Day said to an uproarious crowd of more than 150 supporters and allies. Some chanted “four more years” to encourage Day to bypass his 2013 campaign platform point of serving only two terms.

Day assessed the open hostility of the Democrats in the Legislature – epitomized by the majority party’s unwillingness to sell the decrepit SAIN building in New City – and said he is willing to stay as long as he is needed.

The crowd approved.

Day touted the fiscal improvement during his tenure from 2014 through present day. Rockland has famously gone from the most fiscally stressed county with a deficit well over $100 milllion to a stable county that rarely has surpassed the state tax cap.

Other good things happening in Rockland include thousands of new jobs and millions in new rateables, Day said. He has been promoting for years now a “Rockland renaissance,” and Day continues to sound the trumpets of optimism, possibly through 2025!

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