The NYMTC and Ramapo community continue to consider options for expansion of Rt. 59

New improvements include additional stop signs, safer road signals, “No Parking” signs, and new crosswalks from Suzanne Drive at Francis Place to Widman Court to Hempstead Road & Augusta Avenue at Grove Street; critical measures will improve pedestrian safety in high-traffic areas for Ramapo’s children and families

Town of Ramapo, NY – The Town of Ramapo’s Traffic Safety Committee today announced they have successfully implemented more than a dozen traffic safety improvements – from additional stop signs to safer road signals to “No Parking” signs and new crosswalks – in high-traffic areas, including Suzanne Drive at Francis Place, Widman Court, Hempstead Road, and Augusta Avenue at Grove Street. The new measures will significantly improve pedestrian safety for Ramapo’s’ children and families. 

Town Supervisor Michael Specht said, “These improvements mark the beginning of the Town’s efforts to make our roads safer for families in Ramapo. For our community to thrive, it’s critical Ramapo residents never have to worry about their families’ safety biking in the street, going out for a walk, or driving to and from a doctor’s appointment. We will continue to do everything we can to improve public safety and I look forward to working with the Traffic Safety Committee to implement additional measures in 2019 and beyond.” 

Ramapo Police Chief Brad Weidel said, “Safety is the Town of Ramapo’s number one priority. These new measures will help improve traffic flow throughout the town and significantly increase pedestrian safety for Ramapo’s children and families. I look forward to working together to make our streets more secure and our community stronger.” 

Ramapo Superintendent of Highways Fred Brinn said, “These changes have been a long time coming and I’m proud to see critical traffic safety improvements being made in real time for Ramapo residents. I thank Supervisor Specht for making pedestrian safety a top priority.” 

Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht formed the Traffic Safety Committee shortly after taking office in 2018 to improve traffic flow and enhance pedestrian safety. The newly-minted committee consists of Supervisor Michael Specht, Chief of Staff Mona Montal, Ramapo Police Chief Brad Weidel, Councilman Yehuda Weissmandl, Highway Superintendent Fred Brinn, and Town Traffic Consultant Michael Galante from Frederick P. Clark. The committee meets weekly and has conducted traffic studies on both short- and long-term safety goals, with a focus on identifying problem areas related to excessive traffic, parking, proper street lighting and sidewalks.

Short-term efforts identified as a result of the Traffic Safety Committee’s work includes installing new stop signs, yield signs, “No Parking”/ “No Standing” signs, establishing parking on one side of the street in target areas as well as installing new pedestrian crosswalks. Long-term solutions the Traffic Safety Committee will continue to focus on include adding additional turning lanes, changing directional traffic, new traffic signals, additional approach lanes, installing sidewalks, and retrofitting existing street lights with LED technology to improve visibility. 

Improvements made by the Town of Ramapo’s Traffic Safety Committee to date include the following: 

    •          Suzanne Drive at Francis Place: Stop sign, cross walks added

    •          NYS Route 59 at NYS 306 and Robert Pitt Drive: Traffic signs added

    •          Emes Lane: “No parking” signs added

    •          Augusta Ave at Grove Street: Stop sign, turning sign, turning lanes added

    •          Hopal Lane: “No parking” signs added

    •          Hillside Terrace at Hillside Court: Stop signs added

    •          Roman Boulevard and Walter Drive: “No parking” signs added

    •          Manor Drive: “No parking” signs added

    •          Dover Terrace: “No parking” signs added

    •          West Maple Ave Area: Stop sign added

    •          Cloverdale Lane at Remsen Ave: Stop sign added

    •          Hempstead Road Area: Stop sign added

    •          Lyncrest Drive Area: Stop sign added

    •          Kakiat Lane: “No parking” signs added

    •          Widman Court/ Blue Field Drive: “No parking” signs and striping in progress

The Traffic Committee is also working on widenings and turning lanes on several roads. 

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