OMBUDSMAN ALERT: Marijuana Producers Move Forward Anticipating Legalization

Dr. Louis Alpert



Apparently, in New York State, some political operatives believe, it’s only a matter of days before governor Cuomo will sign the Marijuana Legalization bill discussed in last week’s Ombudsman Alert column, despite the very strong opposition of the law enforcement communities such as the New York State Sheriff’s Association, as well as the New York Police Chiefs).

It is critical to point out at this time three other major opponents of this proposed legalization:

Peter Kehoe, director, NYS  Sheriff’s Assn.

Kyle Belokopitsky, executive director of the New York State P.T.A

Sarah  Ravenhall, executive director of the New York State Association of County Mental Health Officials

Some big businesses are supporting legalization and have begun investing in the industry:

1) Marlboro/Altria investing in  $1.8 billion in an Ontario marijuana processing plant;

2) Budweiser investing $50 million in a New York plant;

3) Constellation Brands/Canopy Growth building a $150 million plant in Binghamton;

4) Vireo Health and Etain investing $3 million in lobbying!

While the votes of the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly have not yet been taken the Ombudsman Alert has requested a pro, con, or “no comment” statement from State Senator David Carlucci and Assemblypersons Ellen Jaffee and Ken Zebrowski. Each submitted a no comment on the issue.

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