Hirshfeld and Hirshfeld helps hurting clients

By Joe Kuhn

William Hirshfeld, of Hirshfeld and Hirshfeld, has been reviewing divorce cases “since he was old enough to listen at the kitchen table.” The son of a divorce lawyer and a practicing attorney with over 30 years of experience, Hirshfeld has an encyclopedic knowledge of matrimonial law and a passion for his chosen profession, which is ironic considering his choice in business partner.

Hirshfeld and Hirshfeld is a family law practice run by William and his wife Felicia, who specializes in real-estate law while Hirshfeld handles divorce and all family law cases, including order of protection petitions, child support petitions, child custody and visitation cases, as well as all real estate, trust, wills and estate cases. The duo have been working together for 25 years and their combined expertise has resulted in a practice well equipped to handle a wide variety of cases.

“There is very little I haven’t seen,” said Hirshfeld when elaborating on the history of the practice. Hirshfeld began his career working in family law and gradually transitioned to divorcee cases over the course of a few years. In addition to running his own firm, Hirshfeld also volunteers his time at the National Collation for Family Justice, a non-profit that works to “to identify problems and advocate for systemic changes in the divorce and family court systems.”

As part of his work for the organization, Hirshfeld handles cases that have already been adjudicated; he works with clients that didn’t get their expected or deserved outcomes to try and overturn previous decisions. The cases he handles there “are some of the most difficult in the nation” and at least two of them have been featured on “60 Minutes.”

Hirshfeld’s volunteerism is indicative of his approach to law; both Mr. and Mrs. Hirshfeld are completely dedicated to helping their clients and “take their cases home with them.” The Hirshfelds “work not for their clients” and pride themselves on their availability and personal investment in the cases they take. They offer free consultations and are happy to answer any and all questions their clients (or perspective clients) may have.

Hirshfeld recommends that most couples seeking divorce instead try mediation first, a service he also offers. Barring that, the experienced attorney implores his clients to treat the proceedings as a business transaction and leave emotion out of the proceedings, difficult as that may be. Hirshfeld and Hirshfeld has offices in New City and typically works with clients from Rockland, Westchester and Orange County. Call them anytime for quality legal advice and friendly dedicated service.

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