OMBUDSMAN ALERT: Ombudsman’s stance on new federal tax code supported by Congresswoman Lowey

By Dr. Louis Alpert 


In the last two columns, the Ombudsman Alert called attention to the problems with the 2018 Federal Income Tax Code which unfairly treated taxpayers in high tax states who wanted to itemize their deductions, by limiting the deductions on the state and local tax they paid to no more than $10,000.

The Ombudsman Alert’s requested comment from Congresswoman Nita Lowey regarding whether she will support legislation to correct this problem, and thus help the mainstream charities throughout the United States recoup the generous donations made by taxpayers in prior years. Congresswoman Lowey submitted the following statement to the Ombudsman Alert on Tuesday, Aprl 23, 2019:
“New Yorkers have good reason to be concerned about the new tax law. From curtailing charitable donations that help the most vulnerable to the unfair cap on the state and local tax deduction, the impacts are particularly harmful. That is why I put partisan politics aside to introduce the SALT Deductibility Act with my colleague Peter King. The cap on the state and local tax deduction seriously affects Westchester and Rockland Counties which are already some of the most heavily taxed counties in the country, and I will continue fighting hard to bring tax fairness back to New York.”
It will take continued legislative intervention by legislators like Congresswoman Lowey, for American taxpayers, particularly in high tax states like New York, to receive a faire tax treatment and for the many deserving charities throughout the United State to regain the ground that was temporarily lost due to the 2018 tax codes.
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