Tips On How To Keep The Hot Tub Clean & Healthy For The Whole Family


One of the most luxurious pleasures in life is soaking in a hot tub. Joining friends and family for a relaxing soak can be fun, as long as you keep your tub clean and healthy for everyone. A hot tub can be easy to manage as long as you keep a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

The basics of a hot tub are simple; keep the filters clean, the chemical balance just right and the water circulating. But, even the basics take some effort. If you want to keep your hot tub ready to use anytime without a problem, you will need to stay on top of the maintenance and care.

If you keep a regular cleaning schedule and use innovative products like a Bromine replacement that eliminates chemicals and is safe for sensitive skin you should be able to enjoy your hot tub for years to come.

Chemical Balance

There is a delicate balance to keeping your hot tub water healthy. You should be using the manufacturer recommended test strips 1-2 times a week to check the chemical levels in your tub. Always test the levels before adding anything into the water. You will need to test for calcium hardness, pH levels, alkalinity and levels of Bromine or Chlorine.

Once you have your test strip results, you will be able to calculate what needs to be added to your hot tub water. Only add one chemical at a time and then wait up to 2 hours before adding the next chemical. This will allow levels to balance more naturally. You should be “shocking” your hot tub with Bromine or Chlorine at least once a week if you use it regularly.


It is recommended that you clean your filter at least twice a month when you are using your hot tub regularly. Remove any debris and clean your filter with an all-purpose cleaner and a sponge for the best results. Make sure that the filter has dried completely before you reinstall it.

The cover for your hot tub plays a big role in keeping it clean. Inspect the quality and wear of your vinyl cover regularly and watch out for drying or cracking on the surfaces. Clean the inside of the cover at least once a month with a soft sponge and an all-purpose cleaner. Remember to treat your cover gently and make any repairs that are needed right away.

General Maintenance

Most of the issues with hot tub water quality come from the bathers themselves. Before you and your guests get in the hot tub, it is a good idea to have a shower to rinse off any oils, lotions and soaps from your skin. Even with the best habits, the water in your hot tub should be completely changed out every three months.

You can flush your tub with specialized cleaner prior to a full empty, and run the jets for a few minutes to help loosen some of the dirt and bacteria. Remember that you should always have your hot tub running even when not in use. Set your programmable system to keep the water circulating through the filters at all times.

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