Great White Landscaping of Congers, Supports Veteran While on Deployment

CONGERS, NY – At the beginning of the spring, Ed Mihalczo, one of the owners of Great White Landscaping was asked by a neighboring family how much would it cost to cut their lawn for the season. The neighbor explained that the husband/father who is in the military was being deployed to the Middle East and would not be home to do it. Ed and his partner Joe Britney decided that they would take care of maintaining the property at no cost to family “because it was the least we could do while their husband/father was away defending our freedom.” said Ed Mihalczo.

He recently returned home safely and presented the owners of Great White Landscaping a token of his appreciation. An American flag that has been flown in combat zones, and a service medal for the operation. Ed Mihalczo and Joe Britney are also volunteer fighters with the Congers FD.

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