How to Find the Best Deals on Airbnb

For those who are keener on hotels and don’t know or use Airbnb, here is what you need to know; Airbnb is a marketplace, created for hosts and guests around to world, where the hosts offer their property, and the guests use it, for a certain price. It is quite a simple platform that is abundant is exceptional places where you can stay, around the whole world. However, no matter how amazing the prices are, there is always room for them to go lower.

Therefore, the rest of this article will focus on the ways you can find the best deals on Airbnb and get the best offers and accommodation. But, before we begin, make sure to hop over to EssayShark and look into their excellent deals on a variety of writing services. Now you can do both, enjoy your stay at the best places, and also have your work done, in no time.

Determine the Necessities

Prior to traveling and actually looking into the Airbnb offers, you must determine the necessities in regards to the things the accommodation should have. Those would be the things that are essential to your lifestyle and without which you cannot really function on a day to day basis. For example, if you’re a freelancer or you own an online business, it would be really important to have access to an excellent internet connection. So, before you even start browsing Airbnb, make sure to create a list with all the things the accommodation should have so that you can be content and comfortable. This is even more important if you’re planning a longer-term stay, so make sure to have a serious approach to creating this list.

Set the Airbnb Filters

Just like with every website out there, there is always a catch that enables visitors to make better deals, find better offers and save money. The same goes for Airbnb, or with the filters you look for, to be more precise. Because Airbnb is very simple to use, people tend to think that the price range and the accommodation is all you can choose. However, when clicking ‘more filters’, you will see a range of filters you can choose from; the amenities range from the internet, wireless connection, to smoke alarm, gym, AC, or even a doorman and parking place. You can also see whether pets are allowed in a certain apartment or house, whether there are kitchen appliances that you need, etc. This will help you find the best suitable accommodation for you and your loved ones.

Negotiate the Price

In case you didn’t know, as many Airbnb guest don’t, you can use the Airbnb’s Special Offer to negotiate the prices of rooms and apartments, or get discounts. The way these Special Offers work is like this:

  • First, you need to write a personalized message to the host, so the host can send you the Special Offer
  • You can also determine the dates and price, but instead of clicking ‘Request to Book’, you should click ‘Contact the host’
  • By clicking ‘Contact the host’, you will get pre-approved without having to pay yet
  • Make sure to enter the exact dates of your stay, as well as the number of guests
  • When the host replies to your message, make sure to mention the list of the things you will need, as well as ask for the special offer
  • Make sure to be considerate with the price range, as many Airbnb hosts rely on the rental income

Other tips and tricks

In order to have better control and power over the accommodation you’ll choose and the price you’ll pay, we have come up with a number of trips and trick that could be useful;

  • Make sure to create a selection among the listings; you should filter down the places you’d like to stay at, according to the price you’re willing to pay. You should also select the places that go slightly over your price range and use the power of Special Offers and bargaining to lower the price.
  • Make sure to look into the reviews of the host and the place, in order to know who is it you’ll be dealing with and whether you could actually contact them and make an offer.
  • Ensure that the message you send is friendly, respectful and appreciative. Also, make sure that it contains specific information about the length of your stay, the number of guests and the things you’ll need. Once you get a, hopefully, positive response, make sure to show gratitude.
  • Look for the discounts; invite friends and family to join Airbnb, especially if you’ll be traveling together to get discounts from 25 – 50 percent.
  • Sometimes you can actually set the dates of a stay to be longer than your actual plans, in case you want to save up. Some hosts, however, might not be happy with this, so make sure to get to know them and point out that your stay might be shorter than the initial plan.







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