Fill Up with the Olive Garden Pasta Pass

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Thursday afternoon or a Saturday night, the parking lot at Olive Garden always seems to be full of hungry patrons eager to sit down and enjoy a meal. Entering the casual dining scene in the early 1980’s, the Olive Garden quickly became a popular lunch and dinner destination where people could enjoy Italian inspired dishes at an affordable price.

However, despite its popularity, Olive Garden saw a decline in business. As with a lot of restaurants that start off with a bang, people got bored with it. One minute it was the restaurant of choice, where everyone seemed happy to go to. But then, it lost appeal.

With that in mind, the Olive Garden decided to revamp their brand in 2014. They updated their logo and restaurant design, offered online order capability, and came up with an incredible promotion called the Never Ending Pasta Pass. With these changes, Olive Garden was back on the public’s plate.

Never Ending Pasta Pass

For a limited time, Olive Garden fans can purchase a Never Ending Pasta Pass. For 9 glorious weeks, you have unlimited access to all of the Olive Garden’s never-ending pasta bowl menu. These menu items include a wide variety of pastas, sauces, toppings, and the infamous salad (or soup) and breadsticks. Start your dinner with a tasty salad and signature Olive Garden dressing and then move onto Fettuccine Alfredo or Whole Grain Linguine with marinara, topped with a Crispy Chicken Fritta.

What’s the Catch?

As with all great offers, there are some things to note.

  1. The Pasta Pass costs $100.
  2. Offer is valid for dine-in only.
  3. Redemption dates for 2019 are September 23-November 24.
  4. Beverages and gratuity are not included so make sure you still have some cash on hand or your credit card.
  5. Once the pass is purchased and issued, your name will appear on it. You can’t update the name on the card at any time.
  6. Your pasta pass can’t be shared with family or friends. You will be asked to provide ID when redeeming your pass to confirm ownership.
  7. The pass will only be honored in the United States.

Not a bad deal, right? Even if you only eat there once a week during the promotion, the $100 pass pays for itself. But who are we kidding, unlimited food at any time for 9 weeks constitutes more than a once a week visit. If you were hoping to purchase a pass for a friend or family member that loves eating at the Olive Garden, you can always send an Olive Garden Gift Card to them.

Hungry for More? Go All Out with the Lifetime Pasta Pass

For the first time ever, Olive Garden is offering a Lifetime Pasta Pass. The first 50 people to purchase the Never Ending Pasta Pass have the opportunity to upgrade it to a Lifetime pass. You will have to shell out another $400 for the pass and it nullifies your initial Never Ending Pasta Pass purchase. However, once you obtain the Lifetime pass, you can enjoy those pasta favorites along with soup or salad and breadsticks forever!

What’s the Catch? Part 2

See aforementioned stipulations above. In addition to those,

  1. You have to opt-in when buying the original pass for a shot at the Lifetime one.
  2. In case you missed it, you will have to pay an extra $400 for the pass.
  3. You have 48 hours to complete the Lifetime pass purchase. If you don’t act fast, the offer expires.

When Does the Pasta Pass Offer Start?

The truth is, the offer already came and went. As soon as the promotion went live on August 15, 2019, it was pretty clear that people love that Olive Garden pasta. The passes sold out in seconds which caused issues on the Olive Garden website due to all the traffic.

Other Olive Garden Offers

While you can’t get your hands on a Pasta Pass, you can still enjoy great deals at the Olive Garden every day!

Join the Olive Garden eClub – get notified of Olive Garden news as soon as it happens when you sign up for the eClub. Not only do you get news and offers but you also get a free dessert or appetizer when you sign up.

Pay $5 for a Take Home Entree– This once promotional offer has now become a daily perk! Long story short, while dining at the Olive Garden, you can purchase a take home entrée for $5. However, soup, salad, and breadsticks are not included with that $5 price tag.

Order the Specials – Get more pasta for your buck when you take advantage of Olive Garden Specials. Grab lunch, an early dinner, or a cocktail special for under $10 on select days of the week. Visit the Olive Garden website for more information or check with your local restaurant.

In short, for those of us who missed out on the Pasta Pass, there’s always next year. Luckily, the Olive Garden has plenty of other offers that allow us to enjoy a tasty meal for less.





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