Republicans sign Pledge to Save Rockland

NEW CITY, NY – The Rockland County Republican Party will be holding a press conference to announce they will be signing a “Pledge to Save Rockland” at County Headquarters in New City. Every Republican incumbent member of the Legislature and all candidates running on the Republican signed the pledge. Below you can read the full pledge.


WHEREAS, We as Lawmakers and Community Leaders, promise to place the common interests of All of the People of Rockland County ahead of any Political Parties or Voting Blocs while we sit on the Legislature for the County of Rockland, and
WHEREAS, The Survival of our County as we know it now and in the future depends on the quality of life we provide to our residents, and that everyone is treated equally under the law, and

THEREFORE, We The Undersigned Pledge To:

Stop Overdevelopment and Preserve our Environment by actively seeking to do whatever is necessary, including enacting legislation for County oversight and control of Planning and Zoning, and enforcement of Building and Fire Codes, and

Protect Property Taxpayers by committing to fiscal responsibility and accountability when spending taxpayer money, and restructuring County Sewer District No.1 to report to the County Executive, to ensure that past corruption and mismanagement does not happen again, and

Ensure Redistricting is Fair by approving a Redistricting Map for the County Legislature that is not gerrymandered, but encompasses natural community boundaries, and

Promote Local Economic Development by assisting Local, Women, and Minority Owned Businesses by enacting “Best Value Contracting Law”, and working with our municipalities to attract new businesses, grow existing ones, and revitalize our downtowns, and

Reform Government by passing Term Limits for the County Legislature and the County Executive, banning Legislators’ family members from working for the Legislature, and Live Streaming all County Legislative Meetings including Public Participation, and

Fight for Common Sense Decision Making in County Government by selling the Sain Building, and working with the County Executive to conduct the business of government, and

Ensure Public Safety by requiring all Ambulance Services and Personnel to immediately contact 911 if responding to an emergency that did not originate from a 911 Dispatch, to ensure that Law Enforcement can conduct any necessary Investigations, and

Promote Fair Housing for All Residents and End Racial and Religious Segregation by ensuring adequate funding of the Commission on Human Rights, and Fair Housing Board, and enacting legislation to strengthen these protections, and

Protect Home Buyers, Homeowners, and Neighborhoods by prohibiting contractors from working on projects that have not received all of the necessary permits and approvals, and

Protect the Integrity of Elections by providing the resources needed to find and document illegal practices.

District 1-Douglas Jobson District 2-Brett L. Yagel District 5-Lon M. Hofstein

District 6-Robert Romanowski District 9-Christopher J. Carey

District 11-Laurie A. Santulli District 12-Charles J. Falciglia District 14-Agin Antony

District 15-John W. McGowan District 16-Vincent D. Tyer,III District 17-James J. Foley

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