7 Things You Can Do to Find Your Lost Pet

Photo courtesy of Jane Zippilli

Pets provide their owners with unconditional love, companionship, and joy. You should not just own a cat or a dog because you can afford one or two. At all times, you have to be a responsible pet owner. This means you are able to cater for all the basic needs of your pet.

A responsible dog owner should ensure the dog sleeps in the best shelter, there is enough and the best senior dog food and their pet is safe always. It is quite off-putting and devastating to come across flyers advertising lost dogs. Even if there is hope of finding your dog, many people will perceive you as an inconsiderate pet owners.

In many cases, dogs don’t get lost because their owners want them to. You can return home from work or wake up early in the morning and find your furry friend is nowhere to be seen. It is advisable the moment you bring your dog home you invest in the best pet identification gadgets.

You can implant microchips on your dogs from a young age to ensure you have a reliable means to recover them. Microchip services to identify pets are readily available in many veterinary institutions and you can get the best.

With this in mind, you should not have any problems finding your lost pet. Here are helpful tips to guide you in your search.

  1. Seek the Services of Your Microchip Company

If you had a microchip implanted on your dog, it’s time to seek the services of your microchip company. The company will help track and locate your pet if the chip is still working. Through a radio-frequency identification device, it will be easy to locate your dog.

  1. Check Your Home and Neighbourhood

You need to ask around and find out when the last time your dog was seen in your home or neighbourhood. Family members, housemates, and neighbours can offer reliable information to help trace your dog.

Check inside garages, sheds, and dark closets within your home. Lure your dog with favourite treats or even toys. Canvas with neighbours and check whether your pet may be hiding in their homes.

  1. Create Lost Pet Flyers

Let as many people as possible know you have lost your pet. Ensure your flyers are detailed enough and easy to comprehend. You can include;

  • Clear photograph of your pet.
  • Provide information about your lost pet.
  • Include your contact information, this can be your name and mobile phone number.

Make use of your social media presence and post the flyer on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

  1. Place an Advertisement

If your pets trail has gone cold, don’t give up. Go on and place an advert that can help trace your pet. You can post an advert on your local newspaper or create advertisements on websites that offer pet services.

  1. Contact Your Local Veterinarian

AyeYour pet may have been involved in an accident and a well-wisher may have taken the dog to a local veterinary institution. The vet will definitely contact you if your dog has any identification details. The local veterinarian can also include your missing pet on the lost register and help trace your dog or cat.

  1. Visit Local Animal Shelters

Pets get lost on a daily basis and most kind people will take stray pets to the local animal shelters. Hopefully, you will find your lost dog or cat there. If the dog has an identification collar tag with your telephone number, the animal shelter staff will take the initiative to call you and trace your pet.

  1. Contact Local Police Station for Stolen Pets

In case you suspect your pet has been stolen and this is after you have watched your security camera systems, feel free to contact nearby police station. In case of a break-in by intruders, your pet may be stolen together with other valuables. Your local police officers will be in a position to help track pet thieves.

Final Thoughts

Pets get lost every day and you should be prepared all the time if your pet disappears. If you take the right measures, it is easy to track your lost dog or cat. Never give up on your search for lost pet. And once you find your pet, come up with helpful measures to prevent your pet from getting lost in the near future.

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