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NEW CITY- Rockland County Executive Ed Day recognized the work of several Hispanic leaders to commemorate the Hispanic Heritage month in this way, where the recognized received plaques commemorating their recognition as a sign of the work they have developed during their stay as residents in this county.

Among those recognized are Liliana López, Osvaldo Carrera, Eva Carrera, Annette Martínez, Héctor Torres, Rafael Guareño, María Canjura, Richard Canjura, Vilma López, Marina Márquez, Carmen Tavares, Teésforo Colón and Claudio Narváez and Julia Ureña. This act of recognition was carried out in the offices of the County Executive and where other county authorities attended.

Rockland County Executive Ed Day expressed words of thanks to the honoree by highlighting their work in favor of the communities where they reside and that the community work they have developed has been like a torch lit in favor of Rockland County.

Relatives of the recognized who accompanied them showed their satisfaction that they were recognized in life and that they could enjoy this tribute in recognition of their work in favor of the community, where that effort remains a permanent legacy in the middle of the activity Everyday society.

The activity was attended by the county vice executive Mr. Guillermo Rosa, who expressed his gratitude to each of those who were elected as personalities of the Hispanic Heritage, also the Judge and candidate for the county prosecutor Mr. Tom Walsh, who said he felt rewarded by the Hispanic community and gave as an example that he is married to a Hispanic woman and is very proud of his roots.

For his part, Mr. Ramon Soto who thanked the executive for choosing him for the organization of this event, which was a success.

We want to thank those who contributed so that this event had a touch of the Hispanic palate especially to Vilma Bakery, who donated the food and the cake that delighted those present.

La Cascada Restaurant “Now Latino Bar and Restaurant” who gave them the special touch with the paella and the frying that the people liked so much, said Soto.

It should not be forgotten that there are always the people who always contribute behind every event, Yoselin, La casa de la cultura, Carmen Estilo, Immigration lawyer Gisela Chávez, Photographer Angel Sicha, and the editor of the newspaper EL SOL and assistant to the mayor of Spring Valley Mr. Ramon Soto.

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