Good samaritans take time to clean racist graffiti from North Rockland Administration Building

By Keith Shikowitz

People have been spraying painting graffiti on walls, water towers and highway signs, since spray paint was invented. Certain places were generally left alone, like elementary school playgrounds.

Last weekend some vandals decided the playground at North Rockland School District Administrative Building was a good place to spew hatred and pornographic images.

The pictures originally appeared on the North Rockland Community Facebook page, spurring neighborhood resident Matt and Lauren Cangro into action.

The couple grabbed a box of cleaning liquids and immediately went to the playground to do their best to eliminate this “disgusting stuff” as Lauren put it. “I had to notify the police because I didn’t know who else to call,” she said.

Lauren grew up in the Garnerville area and played on this playground when she was a child. “Seeing this, it breaks my heart. Being a stepmom. Seeing that our kids have to see this.”

Matthew Cangro, while kneeling and trying to wipe the graffiti off of playground equipment said, “It’s just a shame.”

Matt, who grew up in Clarkstown and moved to Stony Point when he married Lauren, continued, “I’m doing this for the kids…ou’ve got to have some pride in your community. It’s a shame to see stuff like this happen.

Lauren said she feels it is her duty to give back to the community, “At least a little. Kids shouldn’t have to see that. It’s depressing seeing this.”

She asked, “People have nothing better to do than graffiti?”

“It’s horrible. We just wanted to go and help any way we could.”

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