Carlucci’s Column: Protecting Storm Victims


This week marked 7 years since Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the Tri-State area. On Tuesday’s anniversary it was imperative to me to urge the Governor to sign my legislation into law known as the Storm Chaser Bill (S.1405).

The Storm Chaser Bill will require contractors in New York State to have a written contract with the homeowner, allow a homeowner to cancel a contract within 3 days if a repair claim is denied, and prohibit roofing contractors from advertising rebates toward the cost of a deductible or requiring a deposit of more than 50 percent of the total cost of the job.

After Hurricane Sandy, the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery confirmed 171 cases of contractor fraud, which resulted in millions of dollars stolen from hardworking New York homeowners. Crooked contractors, known as storm chasers, prey on impacted families after natural disasters. We cannot allow these contractors, who are often unlicensed, to re-victimize homeowners who have lost everything.

This legislation will put into place some of the toughest safeguards in the nation to protect homeowners. We cannot wait for the next natural disaster to act.

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