Citizens United to Protect Our Neighborhood-CUPON of Greater Nanuet Released released the results of their recent grading of the candidates in their area.

George Hoehmann A+
Nicole Doliner B-

Teresa Kenny A-
Thom Kleiner B+

Scott Milich B
Patrick Carroll A

Don Franchino A-
Sehenley Vital A-

Christopher Carey A+
Sandy Davis C

Aney Paul C
Agin Antony A-

John McGowan A
Julie Goldberg B

James Foley A-
Nancy Low-Hogan B-

ROW I – Michael Diederich  A-
All Other Lines – Tom Walsh  D

Ken Zebrowski is still listed on the Ballot but has removed himself from the Race to concentrate on his Assembly Seat.

CUPON of Greater Nanuet graded the Candidates based on six criteria:
– Written stated positions aligning with CUPON mission
– Verbal stated positions aligning with CUPON mission
– Attendance and support at CUPON and related meetings
– Public actions and statements opposing adverse variances and zoning
– Actions put forth to support creation of coding or laws
– Actions put forth to support enforcement of codes and laws.

CUPON of Greater Nanuet stated the following in their letter to member:

Please note, this is not an endorsement of any one candidate.  We tried to grade everyone as impartially as possible and based each candidate’s grade solely on the criteria listed on the spreadsheet. Our only aim is to help our members come to an informed decision about the officials they will elect in November to lead our community.

The Row H candidates have all pledged to right the wrong and demand a fair redistricting. One that follows the rules and laws. The other candidates on the other hand are running on the same ticket as the people who created the mess. Legislator Harriet Cornell stated that she supports the current gerrymandered map.

I have taken advantage of early voting. Be like Jim Flynn Vote Early and VOTE ROW H.



James J. Flynn

CUPON Nanuet 

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