API Industries (Aluf Plastics) guilty on 5 counts

Town of Orangetown Press Release – Orangetown Justice Court has found API Industries, Inc., better known as Aluf Plastics, guilty of violating Orangetown Town Code with respect to odor emissions on five separate occasions, the first convictions against Aluf Plastics with respect to odor emission.

“Today’s decision is a huge win for the residents of Orangetown. This has been an ongoing issue for many years, and these convictions are a big step towards ensuring further compliance by the company with Orangetown regulations – and stand as a warning to other potential violators of the code. My administration has worked hard through code enforcement and policy improvements to bring an end to this nuisance, and we will not stop here,” said Orangetown Town Supervisor Chris Day.

Steps taken to improve the ability of the Town to enforce its code regulating offensive or noxious odor emission since Supervisor Day took office include: revisions to the Town’s code regarding odor; a new online odor reporting system to track odor complaints; reassignment of a new Deputy Town Attorney to prosecuting code violations; completion of an engineering study which allowed the ZBA to determine that Aluf has not been in compliance with their performance standards for their equipment and odor emission; a new process for writing up code violations which allowed for additional and more reliable reports; and the hiring of a Public Health Engineer to address this and other issues.

“I want to thank Orangetown’s Building Department and Attorney’s Office for their great work on this case,” Supervisor Day added.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 26, 2019 at 11:00am before Judge Finning.

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