101 Years and Counting for Forever Young Evelyn Stewart


SPRING VALLEY, NY – Evelyn Stewart of Spring Valley, New York celebrated her 101st birthday on Friday, December 13.

She was joined by Rockland County Legislators Aney Paul and Toney Earl, and head of the Spring Valley NAACP Wille Trotman. When Stewart turned 98, video of her boisterous birthday dance went viral with more than a million views on various social media platforms.

Evelyn is an active member of her Senior Club that meets weekly in New Hempstead. If you know Evelyn, you know she is still breaking it down with some of her favorite dance moves.

Evelyn has lived a long and happy, but in 2004 she witness to a tragic event in which 10 horses were killed in a barn fire. The fire began about 1:23 a.m. at Shamrock Farms, a privately owned seven-acre horse stable on Ackertown Road. The NY Times covered the fire and interviewed Evelyn.

Neighbors told of seeing 40-foot orange flames flaring into the night sky when the fire broke out. Stewart, then 88-years-old, said the scene looked like, “the whole sky was full of flames, I said, ‘Oh that’s scary.’ ”

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