Five Tips for Reducing Stress in the Workplace

When it comes to the modern workplace, there is a particular stumbling block for employee wellness: mental health. In fact, mental health conditions – such as depression, anxiety, and stress – are recognized as the leading cause of absence and sickness from work.

Speaking of stress, this alone reportedly affects 83% of workers in the United States. Being overworked, a lack of job security, negative feedback – several different aspects can build up and overwhelm employees.

Thankfully, there are various methods available which can help reduce stress in the workplace.

Below are five of the most effective:

Revitalize the environment

The style and arrangement of the workspace itself can contribute to an increase in stress. Something as simple as high cubicle walls, where employees can feel constrained, may negatively affect wellness levels. The lack of greenery or even good quality coffee might also be detrimental.

To revitalize the environment, start by giving it a fresh lick of paint. Bright, upbeat colors obviously work best in creating a pleasant ambience. If you have the space, consider adding a foosball or pool table. A fun activity can break up the monotony of work and reduce stress at the same time.

Place an emphasis on wellbeing

It’s no secret that leading a healthy life can assist with decreasing stress. As a result, your business should employ a health-focused approach with an emphasis on exercise. This doesn’t have to be anything too drastic, as the following examples demonstrate:

  • Complete a ten-minute warmup session before work begins each day.
  • During lunch breaks, suggest employees go for a gentle walk.
  • Offer regularly stocked healthy snacks.
  • Provide subsidized memberships for the local gym.

Of course, exercise helps release endorphins and makes people feel better. The more this happens, the more it can suppress stress.

Have their benefits covered

To show you care even more about their health, cover your workforce with a strong employee benefits package. By doing this, you are showing how much your business cares for their wellbeing and future.

Sadly, ensuring your staff members are covered can be confusing – at least if you do it via traditional means. With an all-in-one employee benefits platform, it streamlines the entire process, makes it simple for employees to understand, and eliminates the need for paperwork.

Be flexible

Your workspace shouldn’t feel like a prison. Rather than having a set 9-to-5 for your employees, allow them to work remotely on occasion. The freedom not only boosts morale, but also communicates how you trust your team to work away from the office. Additionally, having a flexible start and end time to the workday can also help.

Promote social activities

Your employees spend a long time together. Due to this, it is highly important you build an environment where everyone is comfortable with each other.

While a friendly environment can be built naturally during work, scheduling regular out-of-the-office activities will help to further break down any communication barriers between employees. These activities could range from going bowling to having a drink at a local bar.





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