Do it Yourself Exterminating

National Pest & Exterminating Supplies is a business unlike any other in the county. For the past two years Zisha Braun and his store have been Rockland’s primary provider of pest control chemicals and one of the only services in the county that enables and encourages do it yourself extermination. “In this whole area you won’t find a place like this” says Zisha, whose business has allowed hundreds of Rocklanders to save money on exterminators and still live pest free.

National Pest & Exterminating Supplies is a veritable warehouse of chemicals and traps designed to repel and eliminate every kind of vermin. The store is almost overflowing with supplies and Zisha prides himself on having an industrial grade inventory; he sells to both individuals and commercial clients and is always willing to consult his customers on their best course of action. “We’re here to help everybody.”

Zisha a former school teacher, has made a study of his industry and his shop totally up to date with the newest trends in pest control. “There is always room to grow” explained the proprietor. His studious approach to the business means that Zisha is always able to provide valuable advice to his clients; he can help them identify exactly what kind of infestation their dealing with, advise them on how to properly combat it and most importantly, let them know when they’ll need professional intervention.

Zisha and his staff are proud to provide a service that benefits their community and will happily spend as much time as needed to ensure their customers satisfaction. As he say’s “we’re here to figure out what your problem is and provide you with exactly what you need, there is a lot of satisfaction in helping people.”

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