Five Reasons Why You Need Happy Employees

Running a business means you have to satisfy a number of different people. It might be a customer or client, a supplier, investors, board members, or even your family. It should go without saying that you should ensure that your team of employees are happy, too. This can be something that companies can put in very little effort into, or ignore completely. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you, as it could have a negative impact on your business. Here are some of the reasons why you need to make sure that your organisation’s employees are happy.

  1. Expect better customer service

Most of us have been customers of a company where the employees aren’t happy – and in many cases, it shows. At best, they don’t go beyond the call of duty to make sure your customer is satisfied; at worst, they’re rude to customers. This is something that you won’t want to hear as a business manager. So if you have employees who are enthusiastic about their roles, they will go above and beyond because they enjoy their work and interacting with customers.

  1. You keep employees 

It’s expensive and time-consuming to hire and train employees, so it will be almost always better for you as an employer to keep hold who you have (unless your employee isn’t doing their job or they’re a liability). Some people will stay at their jobs even if they’re not happy – yet others, especially the educated and highly skilled, will look elsewhere for employment. Yet if people are happy at work, they are more likely to stay.

  1. Your employees will perform better

Happy employees will tend to perform better, that’s undeniable. These staff members are more likely to work to the best of their abilities, and swiftly. They may also be better co-workers, who will provide a supportive office environment.

  1. You have satisfied, engaged employees

Even if your employees seem to be engaged, it doesn’t mean they are satisfied with what they do. So, knowing the difference between satisfaction and engagement is important. Satisfaction is being content with pay, benefits, hours and work life; engagement is someone’s emotional attachment to your company. So engaged employees are passionate about your industry, are enthusiastic about your progress, and are connected with your company.

You can see if your employees are engaged with your brand by asking them, and you can use employee engagement surveys from to find out more. Also think about whether what you’re measuring is the same as what will progress your organization forward.

  1. You will create a better company culture

How you set out your organisation’s values and vision will contribute to defining your culture. Yet if you don’t address norms, assumptions, systems and unwritten rules, then you will create a culture that will negatively affect your employees’ initial perception of your brand.

By creating a positive culture, you should help to engage with more of your employees and their personalities. It will also boost your chances of attracting new talent.


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