9 Bucket List Experiences You Must Have in the USA

While you may already be aware of some of the iconic spots of this amazing country, there are many experiences which you must try for a perfect slice of American life. No matter which state you travel to, there is always a classic US experience you should take time out for.

If you’re looking to cross off some all-important items from your travel bucket list, here are 9 experiences you must have in the US.

  1. Attend Burning Man

This festival in Nevada is one of a kind, offering the opportunity to socialize with a wide variety of unique people and take in exciting themes, art installations and, of course, the gigantic effigy itself which will be set on fire in the middle of the desert.

  1. Go to an American Sporting Event

You don’t have to be the ultimate sports fan to enjoy experiencing a live game. Whether it’s baseball, basketball or American football, grabbing a seat amidst the electric atmosphere and sharing the experience with other sports fans is a must.

  1. Experience the Old West

Be a cowboy or cowgirl for the day, and experience a slice of the Old West by exploring national parks and shopping near Bryce Canyon, or checking out the great fashion stores to find your perfect hat and pair of boots.

  1. Sprint up the Famous Rocky Steps

Everyone wants to do their own Stallone impersonation, even if you’re not the biggest Rocky fan. Found in Philadelphia, see how fast you sprint up the stairs and don’t forget to ask someone to take a snap of you at the top!

  1. Place Your Bets in Las Vegas

No trip to the US would be complete without experiencing an Elvis impersonator and trying your luck with the roulette table. Or, maybe you’re even looking for a quick wedding ceremony to top off your trip? You won’t regret visiting Las Vegas’s vibrant landscape.

  1. See the New Orleans Jazz Scene

If great live music and bustling bars and restaurants is your dream vacation, you can’t beat live jazz found in the streets of New Orleans.

  1. Drive Route 66

The road trip to beat all road trips! Take in this iconic route to travel through some of the best states of America. For extra points, consider renting a memorable vehicle like a Mustang!

  1. Taste New York Pizza

Think you’ve already tasted great pizza? Think again! If you’re a food and city lover, then a gigantic slice of delicious New York pizza has to be on your priority list. The pizzas when you return home simply won’t be the same.

  1. Get a Little Tipsy in Napa Valley

You simply can’t miss exploring some of the beautiful vineyards of Napa Valley under the Californian sunshine if you’re a true lover of wine, stunning scenery and sun. The perfect spot if you’re looking for a group trip, or even just to take a moment away for yourself.

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