Ring Size Conversion and Measuring Tips

When you intend to buy a ring, you consider its design, material, and quality. All these aspects are important in regard to your fashion sense and personal style. However, if you don’t know your ring size, even the most beautiful ring will become a disappointment. That’s why you must understand what ring sizes mean and how to figure your own size.

What does Ring Sizes Mean?

Many countries came up with their own ring size charts. You can come across charts that are in use in the USA, Japan, Russia, England, France, as well as other European states. You probably know what system is common in the country you live in but the Internet era made it possible to purchase jewelry from literally any region of the world. Various charts make shopping more confusing and unpredictable.

Luckily, today most global manufacturers stick to two ring size charts – American and European. Both use a finger circumference as a basis. The only difference is that the US chart utilizes inches while the European one makes use of centimeters. For instance, your ring in the US size 8 is the same as the European size 57.

Along with that, some manufacturers mark their rings in a different way. In Eastern European countries, rings sizes are based on an inner diameter in centimeters. If you want to convert such a size according to the European chart, you need to multiply it by the Pi number, that is 3,14. So, a Russian ring size of 18 equals European 57.

Men’s and women’s ring sizes are measured in the same way. The only difference is that males have larger hands so their sizes are typically bigger than women’s, and vice versa.

How to Measure Your Ring Size

If you don’t know your ring size, it is very easy to find it out. Below are some useful tips on how to measure your ring size:

– Take a ring you wear and put it on a ruler. By doing so, you can measure its inner diameter. The number you obtained in cm is enough for the Russian ring chart. To convert it into the European size, multiply this figure by 3,14. To further convert it into the US size, you need to additionally multiply it by 2,54.

– Measure the finger you are going to wear a ring on. For this, you can take a piece of thread or thin paper and wrap it around your digit. Cut this piece to be exactly the same as your finger girth and measure it with a ruler. This will be your ring size. This method doesn’t guarantee an accurate figure so it is recommended to wrap a piece of paper or thread 5 times around your finger and then divide the obtained figure by 5.

If you decided to use this method, make sure not to wrap around too tightly. Otherwise, a ring you want to buy won’t fit. Also, you need to consider a ring width. Rings with thick wide bands fit more snugly than thin pieces, so you might want to size up.





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