Why I, A Progressive, Support David Carlucci for Congress

By Coby Rich, New City

I am a registered Democrat. I am a progressive. I supported Bernie Sanders for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination until he dropped out, and I think that the rise of “The Squad” is one of the best things to happen to American politics in a long time. I support the Green New Deal, the Equal Rights Amendment, gun violence prevention efforts, Medicare For All, women’s reproductive rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Senator David Carlucci For Congress.

Senator Carlucci has passed progressive, nation-leading legislation such as banning the salary history question so women are not continued to be paid less for the same work as men. At the federal level, this bill is known as the Paycheck Fairness Act. Carlucci also co-sponsored and passed New York’s version of the Green New Deal, which has set New York on a path for the most aggressive clean energy target in the nation. Senator Carlucci also co-sponsored and passed the nation’s strongest gun violence prevention law, requiring universal background checks and a ban on assault style weapons and high capacity magazines, known as the SAFE Act. Not only did he pass this act, he did it with bipartisan support, something we haven’t yet seen in Congress on the issue of gun reform.

But it’s not just Senator Carlucci’s tireless work on the issues – every candidate talks about that. Carlucci is set apart by his actions. He’s taken on domestic violence reforms to protect victims, championed organ donation reforms, and made sure education, mental health and developmental disabilities are addressed, reformed, and funded. Of course there is more work to be done, but the strides he made in New York are commendable. I know this firsthand because I interned for Senator Carlucci and saw up close his level of understanding of the issues, how much he cares, and how much time he devotes to his constituents to legislate effective change. Once you’ve seen that, it becomes obvious why I support him.

Senator Carlucci and his staff are some of the most genuine, devoted people I have ever met, and I was proud to work alongside them to serve the people of the 38th Senate District. Senator Carlucci time and time again proved his dedication to his constituents, taking virtually any time he had to listen to concerns and work to make changes to address them. He held town hall after town hall, advisory committee meeting after advisory committee meeting, all to hear what you, the people he served, wanted from your government.

Senator Carlucci has the drive and the capability to replicate all of that and more on the federal level. He has the experience, the enthusiasm, and the energy to bring a true progressive voice to Washington, to stand for the people of Rockland and Westchester. I write this today to remind you all to vote on Tuesday, June 23rd, and when you do, to look within yourselves and decide who will best represent you, your family, and your friends in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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