Pietro Triassi Montreal – Reasons to Love Montreal

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Whenever I used to work with my buddy Pietro Triassi Montreal was all he used to talk about and how he dreamed of one day going back there. I can still vividly remember being on shift with him when he would talk about the amazing city and how he longed to get back as soon as he could. Pietro and I no longer work together but last year I was fortunate enough to visit Montreal, and I wish that I was still in touch with Pietro so that I could tell him just how much I agree with him.

If you are lucky to hit the road and see Montreal for yourself, here is just a handful of reasons why you will love it.


Whilst I did visit in the deep throes of winter, minus 20 degrees on one of those days, I actually really didn’t mind that cold weather and I have since learned that in the summer it gos up to 30 degrees on some days. Whilst this is of course not for everyone, it is something which I really liked about the place and the idea of chilly winters and scorching summers is right up my street.


I wouldn’t call this a modern city by any stretch of the imagination as it is steeped in its old culture, but the blend of French and English here is a real delight. Admittedly I have absolutely no French in my locker and there are some places where this caused a bit of trouble, but in the main the influence of both French and English here, and watching people seamlessly switch between the two was lovely.


There is a really trendy scene here in Montreal, especially the brunch and the art scene and this can be felt throughout the city. Montreal has some super cool streets where there are all kinds of vintage shops, quirky cafes and theaters, and they make for a great place to spend the day. Even during my short time in Montreal I also saw lots of cool events on like open-air markets, art shows and music festivals, it is clear that this is a city which knows how to have some fun.


The best way that I could describe this place is that it feels like a city which has been designed for 1 million people, but there are only 200,000 living there. Now I have no idea what the population of Montreal is, but this example is to showcase just how easy everything feels, how spacious the place is and how relaxed and not at all stressful the city felt.

Had it not been for the situation which we are all going through with this CoVid-19 situation then I would have been back in Montreal this summer to lap up all of those amazing activities, rest assured however. I will be back in this amazing city once all of this is over.

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