Nabil Fakih – Why Jose Mourinho is Done and Dusted

We often talk about footballers or football managers in ways that we would usually not speak about anyone else, and in truth sometimes people go over the top, especially when asking that people lose their jobs and such like. In some cases however, I see no issue with it and a perfect example of that would be Jose Mourinho, a winner yes, but a man who has spent his career making many people miserable. I was chatting to my great friend Nabil Fakih about this recently, in particular about why we are all totally over Jose, and why his career will never return to the heights that it once did.

Out of Fashion

At one stage Jose was the perfect nemesis for Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, someone who played dirty, who played mind games and who would look to ruffle the feathers of the opposition. Indeed that all went into overdrive when he got to Spain, with the equal dirty and underhanded Real Madrid. The problem that Jose has now though, is that this approach is outdated, we are now looking at incredible managers like Guardiola and Klopp, who have breathtaking teams and don’t need the dark arts to win.

Out of Date

Coming from a club like Porto Mourinho’s biggest gift was that his teams could park the bus, hunker down and see out a victory. They could also sit back and absorb pressure, hitting hard on the break. These tactics are now completely outdated and quite honestly, they don’t work. This was the problem that Jose had at United and it is clearly an issue which he has here at Spurs as well. The issue here is not Jose and his style, so much as Jose and his absolute reluctance to change or add anything new to his game. his resistance to change has cost Jose dearly, and will continue to do so.

Blame Game

Jose has always had an issue with the blame for things going wrong and he has blamed officials, opposition players and managers for certain things. Currently however Jose has started to blame his own players and throw them under the bus, and when you do that things are going to get very dangerous. He did this at Manchester United with Pogba and Luke Shaw and now he is doing exactly the same with Tanguy Ndombele. Mourinho’s man management skills have taken a back seat and he is now putting himself above the players and the club, it is very much the Jose Mourinho show now.

Unfortunately for the Portuguese manager, he has been there and he done all that there is to do in the sport, he will not however return to those former glories. Jose has been at almost every club now, with the execution of Germany, and that look like staying pets same, outdated and out of touch, if he continues for too long then this will become his legacy.

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