This year 2020, close to 2600 people have been shot in Chicago. While B.L.M. calls to Defund the Police

To the Editor,

In my opinion it is hypocritical of Black Lives Matter to seek to Defund the Chicago Police. Clearly this a political agenda apparently funded by the K.K.K. Of the 2600 people who have been shot in Chicago, ninety percent are people of color. It is clear to me that any group seeking to Defund the Police in Chicago have an agenda against people of color. I would suggest that B.L.M. may well be a puppet organization of the K.K.K. based on these facts. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago has done next to nothing to protect the people of Chicago, but has increased Police security on the block she lives on. And Governor Pritzker of Illinois likewise has not done anything to protect the people of Chicago. The Governor should have the state police concentrated in the areas of all the shootings. It’s worth noting both the Governor and Mayor are Democrats. It appears Black lives Don’t Matter to Democrats in Illinois.

Dave Veraja

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