6 Ways to Alleviate Anxiety About Attending University

There is perhaps no bigger transitional period in a young person’s life than the move to further education, especially if they’re moving out of their lifelong home. Here are 6 ways you can make sure you’re feeling your most confident during this crucial time.

  1. Visit Your University First

A lot of fear comes from the unknown, and this can easily be alleviated by visiting the universities you’ve narrowed it down to or visiting the one you have chosen. Taking a detailed tour means you are more familiar with the building and where everything is, which will have you feeling more comfortable and confident on your first day without the worry of feeling lost or overwhelmed.

  1. Get Involved with Any Social Groups Before the Commencement Date

Some universities may organize events or meet ups before the commencement date, perhaps as part of initial tours or viewings, or maybe for students who have officially enrolled. These may help you to meet fellow students and make friends before you have even started university. It can be a big help to already know people before your first day and have a friend who you know you’ll have on the same course.

  1. Stay Living at Home and Commute

A big part of the anxiety over university can come from the complete upheaval of your lifestyle. Not only are you starting a new and important study, but you may be moving to a completely new area with strangers, too.

Not everyone needs to live at university; you can still study and commute whilst living at home. Don’t let nerves stop you from moving into student accommodation, though, if you really want to. However, if you’re indifferent, then there’s no harm in staying home where it’s comfortable.

  1. Consider Private School

Private schools have a much lower student enrollment, meaning classes will be a lot smaller and more focused. This can be a huge benefit if you have social anxiety or feel overwhelmed about being in classes which are too large with too many personalities. Choosing private institutions like Marian University mean that your own culture, needs and beliefs are more specifically tailored for, which can leave you feeling much less anxious about the transition.

  1. Get Involved with Social Groups

Universities will have a wealth of societies and activities to take part in alongside your studies. If you can find one (or more) which you’re really passionate about, you then have something more to look forward to.

In addition, you’ll be able to interact with people who have the same pastime interests, and will therefore more likely be able to make new friends and feel more relaxed.

  1. Study Online Instead

The university student life isn’t for everyone. You have the option to study online for your degree if you would really prefer to avoid physical attendance, or if, perhaps, your personal circumstances are better suited for online and distance learning.

Online study means you can work at your own pace, in your own environment, and achieve a degree you want, without having to worry about attending university in person. If your main anxiety has been stemming from physical attendance rather than your actual course study, then this could be your solution.

Despite any anxiety you may be feeling, undertaking a university course is extremely rewarding and can open many doors for you for your future career.


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