The Benefits of Taking Business Programs Online

Each year, an increasing number of Americans are deciding to pursue their education online. The onset of COVID-19 meant that many universities who typically operate in-person had to operate virtually. Now that more students have had a taste of what it’s like to study online, the number of people opting to do all their education online will surely grow. Even before COVID-19, over 6 million students pursued their education online, and here are some of the reasons.


Attending classes in-person and at a set time is not always an option for students. Trying to balance school, social life, work, and family is hard enough, and studying online allows more flexibility. You can still work your full-time or part-time job and do your studies after hours, ensuring that you can financially support yourself. Additionally, many choose to take their business degrees later in life when they have children or social obligations and online schooling means you can create a schedule that works for you. Many reputable schools like the University of Virginia offer a range of online business programs, from accounting to HR and more.

Save money

Completing your business degree online means saving money in a variety of ways. You’re still obtaining the same level of education, so the tuition will likely cost about the same, but there are other costs you won’t have. You won’t need to commute to and from class every day, saving you a ton of money on transportation. You also won’t be tempted to by food and drinks on campus, which can add up very quickly when you’re buying your lunch every day. Additionally, because of the flexibility, you can still hold down a job, meaning you’ll be making money while studying.

Faster completion

There are many accelerated business programs that you can take online which allow you to finish faster than you could when attending university in person. When you enroll for in-person business studies, you are limited to the time slots they have available for your classes and the days those timeslots are on. Even if you have the time, you cannot fast-track your program, or finish it any quicker.

Self-paced learning

Taking business programs online allows you to learn at your own pace. You can revisit lectures that were more complex or don’t understand simply by replaying them or re-reading content. You can’t replay in-class lectures, and if you miss something, you often need to wait until the end for clarification. Many students find self-paced learning a more effective approach since they are in charge of when they study within the timeframe of the course. Another bonus is that it helps build better self-discipline since you are accountable for your commitment to the class.

More options

When studying online, the sky is the limit when it comes to choices. While your local university or college may offer only a few select business courses, you have access to universities and professors from around the country when you study online. That means you can choose a more specialized and relevant program, but also be taught by the best of the best.

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