Poll Indicates Rockland Residents in Favor of Selling the Sain Building

Poll Indicates Rockland Residents in Favor of Selling the Sain Building
By: Jennifer Korn

The readers of the Rockland County Times are calling for the sale of the Sain Building. After two weeks, 86 percent of our poll participants voted that the county government should sell the property, while 10 percent voted against any potential sale.

Several respondents cited the poor condition of the building and its lack of use as a reason to sell it.

“The building is empty and costing the taxpayers. Getting rid of it and having something that can bring revenue in is more important than an empty building being a waste of space,” wrote one respondent.

Another respondent in favor of selling the building suggested turning it into a senior citizen complex with retail space on the bottom floors. “Seniors could walk to Shop Rite and walk to the stores and restaurants on Main Street. A small complex, say 30 or 40 units, would be optimal.”

Respondents who do not believe the county should sell the building shared their ideas of what the county could use the building for.

“I don’t think that Rockland County should sell the Sain Building but consider the long term opportunity as an on-going source of County income through a Renewable Lease program,” wrote Peter Isaia. “If successful the building can be leased in its entirety and have it managed by a Holding company that can rent it as office space…The lease can be renewable with escalating % increases. Or a long term lease 10-15 years at a favorable rate to insure a steady revenue stream to Rockland. Probable wise to bring in a Commercial Real Estate Agent familiar with attracting the right tenant. My concern about a sale is the Cap Gains tax would leave us with less than the assessed value and the budget shortfall would only be temporary.”

Another respondent who is opposed to selling the Sain property suggested transforming it into a community arts center.

“The building should be a community center for arts, music, and recreational activities to keep the culture of our country thriving and innovative and encourage and inspire the youth to be active and involved. If you want to balance the budget, take it out of the over funded police departments,” the respondent wrote.

Over the last few years, County Executive Ed Day has advocated for the building to be sold. However, the County Legislature did not approve any of his proposals. Legislator Alden Wolfe said in a previous statement to the Rockland County Times that he is willing to reopen discussion of the matter.

“While the pandemic interrupted our efforts to renew discussion on the proper use of the Sain property, going forward I remain open to discussing any and all possibilities,” said Wolfe.

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