Crystal Run Healthcare to Administer Vaccine

By Kathy Kahn

Crystal Run Healthcare CEO Hal Teitelbaum on Monday announced that the multi-specialty practice he founded on the eve of the 21st Century has been approved to administer Covid-19 vaccinations.
“2020 has certainly been unforgettable—even though we may like to forget it,” wrote Teitelbaum. “The current health pandemic has presented challenges we’ve never had to face before. At Crystal Run Healthcare, Covid-19 has profoundly changed how we operate and how we practice medicine. Now more than ever, we’re doing everything possible to ensure we’re providing exceptional medical and surgical care in the safest way possible,” said the healthcare giant’s founder in a letter to patients.
He stressed the need for Crystal Run’s many patients to continue to take care of their health despite the cloud that has hung over the nation since mid-winter of this year, urging people not to put off necessary care out of fear. Teitelbaum said the challenges that coronavirus presents have been met with much success: outdoor visits; telehealth appointments; no-wait waiting rooms (patients can wait in their cars, which seems to be growing in popularity); and contactless check-ins and check-outs. These precautions have made getting treatment easier for both patients and staff who are all juggling with masks, sanitizer, a heightened sense of stress and uncertainty.
As the current crisis wears out and life returns to “regular day” mode, most Rocklanders expect to see some of the precautions health care providers have put in place to remain indefinitely.
Until then, Teitelbaum beseeched everyone to help slow the spread, which has returned with a vengeance. but has found most Americans ready for the second wave. “It has been a long nine months; we understand you’re tired, stressed, and missing life before Covid. But looking ahead, I am cautiously optimistic. The vaccines look promising, showing efficacy to be around 95 percent…please continue to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, wash your hands and avoid crowds…you will much less likely become infected or infect your friends and family.”
With a new strain of the Covid-19 virus recently discovered in England, concerns for a renewed surge of the current coronavirus pandemic being further compromised have led New York State to order all those flying in from London to be tested for Covid before entering the country.

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