Super Bowl LV, The Goat Vs. The Future Goat? Maybe…


By: John Jastremski
Maybe I should’ve learned my lesson.
Maybe I should’ve just known better.
However, I go back two years ago when Tom Brady held up the Lombardi Trophy after defeating the Los Angeles Rams and I kinda figured, yeah there’s no way he’s winning anymore right?
Well, fast forward two years. Oops, I did it again!
When it comes to Tom Brady and playing on the biggest stage in sports, never underestimate his chances.
In many ways, I will look back on the 2020 season as one of the greatest achievements in a career that to me is the greatest of any single NFL quarterback in the history of the sport.
Why? Remember the offseason narratives.
Tom Brady left the place he called home for 19 seasons. He left a situation where all he did was win and win consistently.
Could he win with a team with a losing record from a year ago?
Would he be able to have playoff success without Bill Belichick at his side?
In winning three road playoff games including wins over future Hall Of Famers Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, I am left wondering if anybody is still questioning Tom Brady on leaving the New England Patriots and if indeed it was the right call.
I think the play of Brady and the Buccaneers in getting to Super Bowl LV speaks for itself.
On the other side of Super Bowl LV, the play of Patrick Mahomes and the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs is nothing short of jaw dropping.
The Chiefs have the best player in football on their side and that is most certainly a tough thing to go against.
The dynamic offense of Mahomes, Hill and Kelce put you in a position where you feel you must score touchdowns and make you feel as if no lead is safe.
After all if you ask the three postseason opponents last year and the Buffalo Bills this year, they’ll tell you the same thing.
Patrick Mahomes is playing for something more in Super Bowl XLV.
His career has only just begun. He’s off to a record setting start and no matter what happens Sunday, rest assured he probably has more Super Bowls to go and win.
That said, there’s a good chance this could be the only ever Mahomes vs. Brady Super Bowl matchup.
In trying to make the case of chasing the man he is playing come Sunday all time.
Mahomes has to keep winning Lombardi Trophy’s.
It’s a very high bar and over time it’s without question asking a lot, but guess what. That’s what happens you start playing with the big boys.
Tom Brady has won 6 Super Bowls, he’s been to 10.
If the goal is to eclipse Brady, you might as well start by beating Brady…
This must see matchup features as Michael Irvin told me on WFAN, the “Old G.O.A.T” vs “The New G.O.A.T”
It’s not perfect from a technical standpoint, but sometimes you just gotta roll with it.
I’m rolling with the Old G.O.A.T. one last time on Sunday.
I’ll go against the grain and the best player in football.
Tampa plus the points and on the Moneyline.
Let’s get nuts!!!  

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