Tips, Tricks and Advice for Betting On You Favorite Sporting Events

Starting out in your betting career can be a pretty tough task. In fact, the very nature of betting means that you constantly have to be on the top of your game to return the best bang for your buck. Too often do you hear of people who haven’t put enough time and effort into their betting game and as a result consistently lose. Or others who had that one beginner’s luck win right at the beginning of their betting career, only for them to chase that further and further with absolutely no returns. We have crafted a delightful list of tips, tricks and advice for betting on your favourite sporting events and avoiding any unnecessary losses no matter what experience in gambling you have. Let’s have a look!


Taking advantage of the multiple promotions that betting companies always have on is a great way to bet on your sporting events. Have a look at smashing out all the starting bets from betting companies as they usually give you great deals and free bets. On top of this, most bookies will have special odds boosts and prices for big events throughout the year which you can use to your advantage for some profit out of them. Like anything in the consumer society, there is stiff competition between bookies. Make sure to exploit this and check the market for the best odds on your selection and the best promotions. This allows you to manipulate the system in your favour more.=


“Obviously!” I hear you holler through the computer screen. Yes, it may seem obvious but sometimes the most obvious things can be the most important to make sure you are doing it right, and this is one of those occasions. Striking the balance between getting bang for your buck and probability is of course the biggest trick to betting. But knowing some of the following may help with that. Firstly, assessing what sport you are betting on is imperative when it comes to odds. When dealing with football or other mainstream team sports, there tends to be a favourite with short odds. These are very rarely worth betting on as the chance of them losing it is too much of a risk compared with the risk of losing your wager. Whilst this is logical, many tend to put favourites on as they commonly act as bankers on people’s betslip. Whilst this is perfectly reasonable, it is also astute to be aware of the danger with this. On top of this, when it comes to favourites, some sports are worth it more than others. The favourites in horse racing only win one third of the time. That means you have more chance of winning with bigger odds, but it’s just about picking the right horse. Using the knowledge of your sport and weighing up the odds conundrum is worth a bit of research to make sure that you are.


When it comes to betting, doing your research is easily the most important tip, trick or advice you could get. It’s not glamorous, it takes time and it’s certainly not fun but it really does matter. It makes the difference between a lucky punt and a calculated wager. And you best believe which option is more likely to bash the bookies and return you a profit. Researching and assessing form, racecards, conditions, magnitude of games and absolutely everything in between is imperative to calculating your bet. By allowing yourself valuable information you can make sure that you are on your way to getting a better bet slip and more chances of winning some bets. After some research, you are of course never going to win every bet, but by gosh you are far more likely to bring home the bacon. When it comes to football it’s watching out for form and injuries, when it comes to boxing it’s looking out for training regimes and recent form and when it comes to horse racing you should point your interest in the direction of racecard and the parade ring. These are all effective ways to make a much more educated decision for your bet.

Type of selection

In the same ilk, choosing the right type of selection is important to making the most of your wager. This requires an exploration of the huge markets which are now on offer online from the bookies. By being intelligent about your selection you can manipulate the odds in your favour. This means opting for more obscure, niche and outsider selections. Whether that be delving into the Hungarian B league, the undercard underdog or the 15/1 outsider at a small Irish racetrack. As long as you have done your research you can look to make selections outside the mainstream betting markets and assure yourself of better returns. For horse racing, things like Lucky 15s and Each Way selections add that level of security to your slip which affect the odds but make the probability far higher. Indeed, opting for overall cards in Hungarian B league football games is such an obscure market that you will return great odds on a more safe bet than you would on a Super Sunday English Premier League fixture, but it does require that extra bit of research. Actively thinking about the type of selection that you are opting for is an integral part of the betting process and will certainly boost you beyond being a rookie, luck dependent bettor and elevate you to experienced or veteran level gambler.

By using the tips, tricks and advice you are guaranteed to improve your betting habits on major sporting events. Whilst this by no means guarantees consistent and constant winning betting slips, it will elevate your performance when wagering and secure a greater increased percentage of wins. And when you are winning, you are taking home the extra beer tokens, bashing the bookies and, of course, adding that all important extra entertainment to a sport for your own enjoyment. So why not try some of these handy tips out?!

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