Rockland County Local To Make Feature Film Debut

Elliot Flynn

Elliot Frances Flynn always wanted to be an actress. Born an identical triplet and raised in Tappan, Elliot began her stage career right here in the county performing at Stage Left Children’s theater from Kindergarten until she graduated from high school. Throughout her childhood, Flynn appeared alongside her sisters in commercials, local theater productions, and even a Nickelodeon sitcom (The Naked Brothers Band), all while dreaming of breaking into feature films. On March 26th that dream will become a reality when Shoplifters of the World, a comedy/drama directed by Stephen Kijak, and produced by/starring Joe Manganiello, is released in theaters and on demand.

“I’m really happy to say Shoplifters is my first film,” Flynn told the Rockland County Times, “It was great to work with an established actor and I’m thankful that I can stay rooted in Orangeburg while having my dreams come true.” A bit of cinephile, Flynn was ecstatic to act alongside a pro like Manganiello (True Blood, Justice League) and become a part her favorite hobby. “There is no pass time like going to the movies,” said Flynn. “There is something special about being in a dark theater, experiencing the same emotion and engaged in the same story as everyone else.”

Flynn’s film debut is “a labor of love 10 years in the making,” according to the actress, who was thrilled to work on a project that shot in the Hudson Valley. Shoplifters of the World tells the story of a wild night in 1987, when a group of friends, devastated by the announcement that the iconic British band, The Smiths, have broken up, hijack a local radio station and, at gunpoint, force the DJ to play the bands entire discography. Flynn plays Punk Paul, “an excitable, anarchist and androgynous punk who stokes the flames of the hijacking.”

Based on a true story, the film is a passion project for Manganiello who spent a decade working on Shoplifters in pre-production before filming began in 2018. Flynn signed onto the movie after being discovered during a casting call for local talent. ”I’m so thankful that the Hudson Valley has become this production hub,” said Flynn, who has also recently been cast in a network series. Shoplifters is of course one of many new projects to be shot in and around Rockland’s backyard as the area becomes a bigger and bigger draw for film and television productions. “Thankful for every opportunity,” Flynn looks forward to expanding her career while remaining in her hometown.

You can learn more about Rockland’s rising star by following her on Instagram @elliotfrancesflynn or reading her imbd page. Flynn is surely a talent to watch.

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