Douglas House Set For New Short Film

A scenic Rockland landmark was recently the set for a poignant public service announcement urging Americans to do their part to steam the spread of COVID-19. Last month the Douglas House hosted Corra Films, a production company based out of New York City, as they teamed up with DiMassimo Goldstein, a marketing agency, to create a short film that could convince people “do what’s right” during these trying times.

Their work shares the story of an elderly veteran apologizing to his grandson, via letter, for being unable to attend his birthday party. The simple story will likely strike a chord with viewers frustrated by their inability to visit loved ones, while at the same time reminding the audience of the goal we are all striving towards.

“The location became the star” said Henry Corra of Corra Films, who was blown away by the natural beauty of Orangeburg. Having spent years creating adds while working in NYC, Corra was eager to work in a more rural and relaxed setting; the home itself was so spacious that a full crew was able to film while maintaining a safe social distance.

“Our focus is on what behavior changes people want to make” explained Mark Dimassimo founder and creative chief for Dimassimo Goldstein, whose experience in marketing has granted him a considerable insight into how people think. “We feel like this is this generations great sacrifice” added Corra, who centered his feature on “what it is that can unify people” in the fight against COVID-19. He accomplished this by striking a parallel between military service and community service, likening the war medals a grandson finds in his grandfathers house to dusty old surgical masks the boys descendants may one day stumble across in his own: both instances a reminder of the sacrifices an entire generation made for the greater common good.

The Douglas House, a Dutch Colonial farmhouse formally owned by Marjorie Douglas and her late husband Henry, has, since 1981, been used for several New York-based film and television productions including Saturday Night Live and Marvel’s Daredevil. Corra and his crew were excited to continue its on screen legacy. You can watch their film at and do you part to fight COVID-19 by wearing a mask, socially distancing and getting vaccinated when possible.

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