Rockland Representatives Pay Respects to Jared Lloyd

On Friday afternoon, nearly every elected official that represents the Village of Spring Valley assembled at the village hall to honor a fallen hero.

From the trustees to the congressman, Spring Valley’s public servants all came to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of Jared Lloyd, a 16 year veteran of Colombian Engine Co #1, who served as an engineer, a second lieutenant and first lieutenant with the volunteer company. Lloyd perished while working alongside his brother firefighters to rescue 112 elderly and disabled residents from the Evergreen Home for Adults when the facility caught fire in the early hours of the morning Tuesday morning.

Lloyd was a lifelong Rockland resident who attended Spring Valley High School. On their official Facebook page the Colombian Engine Co described their comrade as “a loving father to his two sons, an avid golfer and bowler and a die hard Mets fan; never losing the faith. He was a friend, a leader, a brother.”

“This has been one of the most difficult weeks in recent memory for our community here in Spring Valley”, said Congressman Mondaire Jones, a fellow graduate of Spring Valley High School. “We gathered to honor his legacy, his life, and his heroic bravery. Jared made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Legislator Tony L. Earl, who represents and resides in the district where the tragedy occurred, spoke about the heroic actions of all first responders. “On the worst days, they are the ones who come through for us,” he said. “We can never thank them enough, but we can try to make sure that they know just how much we appreciate them, and just how much the community relies on them.”

Earl announced that the county plans to honor it’s first responders with a special event at Boulder Stadium in the coming months. Earl also shared that  Lloyd’s funeral will be delayed until the fireman’s mother, who retired to North Carolina, is able to return to the county and oversee the details of the ceremony.

Yisroel Eisenbach, one of the village trustees, announced that a Go Fund Me campaign organized on behalf of the Llyod family has raised 400,000$ in three days and is close to reaching its goal of 500,000$.

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