County Officials Call for Resignation of NYS Parole Board Following Robert McCain Decision

Lawler calls on NYS parole board members to resign

The Pearl River community is once again outraged following the revelation that one of Paula Bohovesky’s killers was granted parole. Joined by several Rockland officials, Assemblyman Mike Lawler demanded that every member of the New York State Parole Board resign. 

“The fact that rapists and murderers of children are allowed parole so easily is sickening, and a damning indictment of the conduct and judgement of the New York State Parole Board,” said Lawler.

County Executive Ed Day further called on Governor Cuomo to “either immediately replace the parole board or resign himself,” said Day.  “There are no other options here at this point.” 

Bohovesky’s other killer, Richard LaBarbera, was granted parole in 2019. 

Lawler and Day both highlighted that neither killer has expressed remorse. 

North Main Street in Pearl River, the area where Bohovesky was attacked

“Paula died in a pool of her blood returning home from the library and to this day, there has been no repentance, or apology from the killers,” said Lawler.

Sheriff Louis Falco, and South Nyack Police Chief and President of the Police Chief’s Association Daniel Wilson, also spoke at the conference. 

“Certain [criminals] do not deserve a second chance to live a life of freedom,” stated Wilson. 

Falco called on the parole board to ensure that McCain is kept more than 300 miles from Pearl River. Lawler told the Rockland County Times that he will soon send the board a letter demanding that McCain be barred from the county. 

Further, Lawler and Day accused Cuomo of inciting his own proclaimed “public health emergency”. 

“You have allowed our state and city to become hostage to a sick ideology that believes criminals are the victims, and law enforcement are the criminals,” said Lawler, addressing Cuomo. 

Additionally, Day stated that the “governor lost the support of decent people everywhere.” 

While it is not yet clear if the board’s decision to grant McCain’s parole was unanimous, Lawler said “this is a pattern of the parole board.” 

“Paula’s Law,” originally introduced to the State Senate in 2019 and sponsored by Lawler, would ensure that killers convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering a child under the age of 18 would never be released from prison.  

For the bill to take effect, it must pass through the State Legislature and be signed by the governor.

“It is time to have a true system of justice in New York State; not one that is victim-centric,” said Day. “Not one that is focused on cuddling criminals.”

(Article by Jennifer Korn and Sean King)

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