Betting On PC Games: Is It Possible And How Can You Begin?

Video gaming is now the most popular and lucrative arm of the entertainment industry, experiencing a significant boom over the past decade or so that has seen it surpass the likes of film and music put together. From visually impressive single player titles with Hollywood-esque stories such as The Last of Us, to the growth of high skill ceiling legacy games such as League of Legends, there’s currently a whole host of diverse communities riding the wave of the video game industry’s growth.

PC Gaming remains the home of the most diverse collection of games, and some of the most passionate gamers in the entire industry. Skill gaming has emerged as a popular pursuit amongst these gamers as a way of taking their passions to the next level, with bookmakers and operators around the online space offering odds and offers that let them back themselves in their favourite titles for a shot at winning big. But, how possible is it to bet on various PC games, and how do you break into this world?


Is It Possible To Bet On PC Games? 


Short answer: Yes, absolutely. In multiple ways, in fact.

The rise of playing video games professionally, known in the industry as ‘Esports’, has led to both real world sports bookmakers and specialist operators opening up betting markets where users can place wagers on the competitive scene of a multitude of online PC games. League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are by far the most popular of these PC games for wagering on, and one look at the CS:GO odds or League of Legends betting markets at a specialist site such as will a go a long way in showcasing how diverse and popular this community has grown to over the past few years.

Essentially, it works the same way as real world sports betting does, with users being able to bet on the outcome of a match, series or tournament in either an outright, or something more exotic in nature such as a top performing player or the final score at the close of the market. Combining bets into parlays has proven to be just as effective for betting on PC games as it is in the world of sports betting, and can be a great way for PC gaming fans to flex their knowledge and stretch their winnings even further.

There is also the rise of online skill gaming that has found a home with PC gamers especially. Sites such as Unikrn have developed unique player vs. house game modes that allow players to place wagers on themselves and their own performances in the server. This format eliminates the traditional risks of hustlers so prevalent with player vs. player wagering, and allows them to to live out their dreams of being a professional video game player by making money from their favourite games.


How Can You Begin?


As mentioned above, plenty of bookmakers now offer odds and offers on various PC games from around the Esports space. One of the biggest pluses of wagering online is the sheer amount of choice there is on offer, so those wishing to begin betting on these games should take the time to look around and find the best odds and offers for them.

In terms of those hoping to back themselves in their favourite PC game, Unikrn’s UMode platform is the absolute best choice.

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