A “Hole in None” for Patriot Hills Golf Course

It’s back to the drawing board for Stony Point as residents rejected the plan to sell the town’s municipal golf course by a vote of 2,088-1,904.

Proponents of the proposal by Patriot Hills, LLC would have seen the aging golf course brought up to par, its clubhouse renovated and retrofitted with showers and bathrooms, and The Grille Room renovated and construction completed. The proposed sale would have also included the takedown of asbestos-filled buildings left behind when Letchworth Village was shut down by New York State in 1995 and a new senior/community center for the town. Since then, more than one potential investor—including Great Wolf Lodge and Merlin Entertainment—has taken a look and passed on the Letchworth property.

Opponents of the sale formed Stony Point United and successfully petitioned to hold a public referendum on Election Day. Many of SPU’s supporters believe the property would be “flipped” for high-density housing and urged voters to keep the golf course in municipal hands. SPU also opposed the sale of the decaying former Letchworth Village property for one dollar, saying the land was worth more—despite the cost to any buyer to take down the massive buildings and remediate the property.

I believe we’ve lost the opportunity to revitalize the Letchworth property and the golf course,” said Supervisor Jim Monaghan, re-elected to his third term in office Tuesday night. “The people have spoken. This offered an opportunity to take a financial burden off the taxpayers.” Moving forward, Monaghan said he is going to put together a group of experienced business owners and residents to determine the best course of action for the Town. “We have worked hard to attract rateables,” he said, “but this sends yet another message that Stony Point is difficult to do business with.” Raja Amar, CEO of T-Mobile Portables Unlimited in Nanuet and lead principal for Patriot Hills, LLC, could not be reached for comment before press time.

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