Any Given Sunday & Perhaps A Ray Of Giants Hope?

Sunday’s bizarre and off the rails NFL action was truly something to behold.

A few weeks ago, it felt like favorites could do no wrong. The premiere teams in the sport were winning and covering at an extremely high rate. Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen three double digit favorites go down. Last week it was the Cincinnati Bengals against Mike White and the New York Jets. This week, the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills suffered the Bengals fate.

Halfway through the season, the NFL is totally wide open. It’s impossible to tell at this point who exactly would be the best team. You could’ve made the argument for Buffalo and then they proceed to lose to the Jaguars.

The NFL expanded their postseason field a year ago to 7 teams in each conference and this year they expanded the regular season by a game.

The league is going to get exactly what it envisioned when they expanded their postseason field and regular season. A whole lot of excitement and meaningful football heading into late December and early January.

It’s the NFL, it will be electric, but will there be a local feel to the festivities.

The New York Giants are the only local team that somewhat has a postseason pulse and trust me I say that very very loosely. After their victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, the Giants improved to 3-6 on the season and that really doesn’t feel like you’re anywhere close to the postseason.

However, the NFC Playoff Picture shakes out in a way where there are basically five postseason locks and the race for the final wild card is going to involve a very mediocre team.

If the season were to end today, the 4-4 Atlanta Falcons would be a playoff team.

Sure there are tons of teams currently ahead of the Giants in the middle of November, but with a favorable 2nd half schedule and a mediocre group of teams, do I rule out the possibility of getting teased?

I don’t and I understand that it probably won’t do Giants fans a whole lot of good. I’m sure many of you are worried that a strong second half will fool the franchise into thinking that they are much better than they actually are.

That’s a discussion for a later date, I’m just here for the numbers and the math.

The math says there’s a chance. And if this year in the NFL has taught us anything it’s that something wacky is probably going to go down between now and the middle of January.

Any given Sunday indeed….

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