Another Year On The Naughty List For NY Football

There actually used to be a time when New York City was the home of football teams that played meaningful games in the month of December. That may be hard for some of you to actually believe, but that actually used to be a thing.  The NY Football situation has gotten so vile and rotten that you can’t even make it to Halloween before you’re proclaiming your season dead and buried.  In a league in which parity is widespread and almost 2/3’s of the league is still dreaming about January Playoff Football, the level of NY Football ineptitude is especially hard to fathom.
The Jets are in the middle of yet another rebuild, it’s no secret they are out of the postseason yet again.
It doesn’t ease the pain of the fact that the franchise has gone 11 straight years without a playoff appearance. A lot of bad GM’s, head coaches, quarterbacks and draft picks put you on that road map.  The plan for the Jets is certainly better than it was through a majority of the last ten years, but to say it’s the right plan. Well, the jury is out on that one.  Odds are by this time next year, we are talking about the 12th consecutive year without a playoff appearance for the franchise, but the sense of progress must be apparent by that time.
It can’t be another year when there isn’t a meaningful football game played after Halloween.  For the other hapless football team in town, I can’t remember a time in which the Giants have seemed more lost and hopeless.  After Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys, the Giants have now lost double-digit games in five consecutive seasons.
The feel good progress from Head Coach Joe Judge’s first year on the job has gone right down the drain.
Look around the team, the hierarchy, the infrastructure and ask yourself this question, what exactly do you like?  The quarterback situation is a mess. Daniel Jones didn’t exactly wow you with his play on the field, but to top it off he can’t stay on the field.  Oh, and the General Manager Dave Gettelman may leave a parting gift of one of the worst cap situations in the NFL going into next year.
The Giants have gone from the model of excellence to a flat out horror show.
The situation has gotten so bad for Big Blue where you honestly have to question if there is a situation worse across the NFL.  Forget about the franchise name and the city for a minute.  GM, Coach, QB, Roster & cap space for next season.
It’s hard to imagine that the once proud Giants have fallen so hard.
I know it’s the holiday season, and you’re looking for things to make you feel merry and bright.  Here’s a parting happy thought. The Jets and Giants will have two first round picks each, quite possibly all in the top 10.  It won’t erase a record of 43-113 since 2017, but we’ll soon find out if each NY Franchise is working on some much needed New Years Resolutions. After all, NY Football has spent enough time on the naughty list…

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