What Will Cure My Post Football Hangover?

After a week in Los Angeles, my body clock was totally thrown off coming back to the NY area on Wednesday night. I thought I was back to normal until Sunday hit. I rolled out of bed, a little past 1030 in the morning, and wondered. Holy moly, what are we supposed to do today?

Now, football fans understand full well. After Championship Sunday, the routine is totally thrown off.

A bye week and a 630 Super Bowl Game will do that to you, but consider this. For almost twenty plus Sundays, from 100 until about 1130 at night. My day is spent dialed in, on the couch, TV’s on full blast with games galore. It was bizarre having a Sunday to run errands, go for a run, enjoy a meal. It was all well and good, but I miss the action.

So what’s next for us sports fans?

Well, it’s slim pickings on a baseball front, because it’s becoming more and more likely that the regular season will not start as scheduled.  On the hoops front, the Knicks season is over and for the Nets it’s far more wait and see about the return of Kevin Durant and the arrival of Ben Simmons. Oh and can Kyrie Irving play in home games? That would be nice…

The Rangers are having a terrific regular season, but the playoffs are not until late April.

So the question is this. What will get my juices flowing the most over the next few weeks? It’s a pretty easy call, it’s the end of the College Basketball regular season into Conference Tournament Week. I think for a good amount of sports fans, the research of March Madness brackets takes place post Super Bowl right into Selection Sunday, for better or worse.

The opportunity to research the full slate will be on full display right in our backyard in two weeks with the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden and the ACC Tournament at the Barclays Center. It’s highly unlikely my alma mater Syracuse will go on one of their usual bubble runs to a Sweet 16, but it won’t take away from me quite possibly my favorite event in sports. I may be down, not having football as a part of my Sunday’s until September.

Will that post football hangover be there over the next couple of weeks? Absolutely.

When will it end? Pretty simple. Sunday March 13th… When I hear that CBS NCAA Tournament music.

Let the countdown begin!

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